Still life // orchids and ivy
  • suburban, white conservative: "PRO LIFE! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!"
  • *black child gets shot by cop*
  • suburban, white conservative: *crickets chirping*
  • "Oh I had some barn kock last night, hahah- NO, ‘barn’ means ‘good’ or ‘child’? OH MY GOD what have I said? WHAT DOES ‘BARN’ MEAN?"



    Ten years gone // still going strong

Gonna miss you.

    Imperfectly // Ani Difranco

    I’m okay
    If you get me at a good angle
    And you’re okay
    In the right sort of light
    We don’t look
    Like pages from a magazine
    But that’s alright
    Oh, baby that’s alright


It is 2014.
MLK did not die for this bullshit.
    Got higher // got cooler

"And yet, no one else will ever know the true feeling from standing up here with the wind in their hair", my workmate said as we were taking our photos.
    Coolest workmate // avigalushi
    Save me
    Take me to another time
    Don’t want to end this life
    But I need to change the when and how
    I’ve been over this before
    So many times
    I hate being here again
    I hate that
    Over here
    Nothing will ever change
    So please
    Take me away
    From these people
    Who cause me pain
    Because I can clearly
    Not do that for myself
    Why can’t you ever say you love me?
    Why can’t you even say you’re sorry?"
    Sofia Andersson (inthesofia)
    Take me to another time // a better kind // a different life


    I look up
    The moon is frightening
    With its white, bright light
    How clear it’s shining

    And the stars are there
    Just glimmering by its side
    Looks all pass them by
    ‘Cause they’re the ones that fall

    And I see us walking around with empty faces
    An alliance that fight to keep its place
    A crowd of people
    Spinning, running around
    With nothing in our minds

    And it is never gonna be alright
    When brain-washed corpses try to bring us down
    With words that sound so pretty in your head
    Emphasis, repetition
    Green, blue, yellow, purple, red

    And you turn to books to get an answer
    When all they say is nothing that you searched for
    The “wisest men” all preach they understand
    But when you ask them
    There’s really nothing in their heads

    And when you stop and try to feel
    There’s too many questions there to make you see
    It’s all a chaos
    Spinning, running around
    And it’s emptying, destroying your mind

    How nice it would be to let go
    Leave this
    And disappear

    That’s where we’re heading
    But where does it take us?
    Up is never an option to me
    ‘Cause it brings me
    Right where I don’t wanna be
    Let me get out of here

    Oh so young
    Oh so tired
    Reaching out for what can’t be seen
    I saw myself gaze
    Longing up to the sky
    When it was perfect anyhow
    So why?

    I look up
    The moon is frightening
    With its fake, stolen light
    How clear it’s shining

    inthesofia (written in 2009 by my 15 year old society critical self)